Modern Marketing 101: The 90-Day Rule

08.26.2014 marketing

There have been far too many times when someone in a sales department would say to me, “Our sales suck this month. What can you whip up in marketing and help us meet our numbers?” And my answer is this: “This month? Not a damn thing.” You can, of course, slash prices, but that’s a very bad […]

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To Write Well, Avoid “Well, There’s Your Problem”

01.24.2013 Business

I am fascinated by specialized knowledge. It is amazing how many activities have deep and arcane information built up around them. The auto mechanic, the plumber, the electrician, the farmer, all have their own stores of this special knowledge, as do virtually any professions or pursuits. They are, in a very real sense, as much […]

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It Feels Like Trust—The Apple Store App And Self Checkout

12.19.2011 Business

The Apple Store is always busy, but this time of year it’s packed. The other day I needed to pick up an adapter. I found it on the rack at the back of the Apple Store, then walked around looking for a red-shirted employee to help me check out. A helpful young woman told me […]

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The Mistake of Free

10.12.2011 Business

Free is an intoxicating word. It captures the attention. It promises, it titillates, it teases. And ultimately, it disappoints. And yet some businesses, especially ones that live in the digital arena, embrace it, use it as a business model. They promote free because it allows rapid, even rabid growth. It can ignite Metcalfe’s Law, the […]

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Business Blogging: Tweet For The Moment, Blog For The Ages

07.07.2011 blogging

I’m a big fan of Twitter. I’m sure part of it is the instant gratification of seeing people respond to something that I’ve written and maybe even passing it on to others. But I also find it frustrating. It’s like being at a cocktail party and finding that you’ve said something really witty, but only […]

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