Copywriting Secrets Learned From Playwrighting: The Beat

02.05.2014 blogging

One of the first things that all actors, directors, and playwrights learn is the concept of “the beat.” The beat is the molecular level of the play. It’s the smallest part that you can divide a play into which still has meaning (rather than the atomic level, which is the word). Beats give the play […]

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Claim The Title Of Writer—Advice From The Writer’s Whip

12.18.2013 writing

The following was part of a previous newsletter that was sent to subscribers of The Writer’s Whip. Some people are confused about what they really want, especially those who claim that they want to be writers. I hear it frequently. “I want to be a writer.” What does that mean to you? I don’t necessarily […]

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You Will Never Amount To Anything

05.07.2013 writing

The best thing a professor ever said to me was something that should never be said and yet it’s something that most of us tell ourselves frequently. As a freshman in college I was somehow, mistakenly, placed in a very exclusive honor’s English seminar. My rural schooling was completely inadequate to the demands of this […]

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Writers’ Workshop: How To Create Motivation For Yourself

06.01.2011 blogging

I am a writer, I do it for a living, so I frequently talk with other people who want to be writers too. And almost always I find that their conversations come around to motivating themselves. They want to be writers, but it’s difficult to find the time to write. They want to be writers, […]

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Little Bits Of Ribbon

05.10.2010 Business

I use a Polar fitness watch to monitor my heart rate while exercising. It helps me keep my level of exertion high, but not too high. It keeps track of my workouts, which is great, but the interface to transfer it to my computer is hopelessly unworkable, so I just use the watch’s display to […]

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