What’s The Play (Or Book Or Story) About?

07.11.2012 Art

When you announce that you’re writing a work of fiction,whether a play, a book, even short stories or poems, others will be sure to ask, “What’s it about?” There’s only one answer to that: “You’ll have to read it when it’s finished and let me know.” As I wrote yesterday, you may not really know […]

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One Problem With Writing Fiction

07.10.2012 Art

I’m currently writing a new play called “This Place On Fifth Avenue.” I’ve done months of research and have spent countless hours planning, thinking, and dreaming about it. From the moment of inspiration I had a complete idea of the shape of the play and the general plot. But in the writing, in letting the […]

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Required Reading: American Gods

06.13.2012 Books and Literature

Here’s another Required Reading post from Penny Mattern. This is one of my favorite books from one of my favorite authors and I strongly recommend it. _____________ I recently re-read  American Gods by Neil Gaiman. When I did, I rediscovered just how terrific it was, and decided I wanted to write it up for the Required Reading series. This […]

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Amazon Prime-Quantum Edition

03.13.2012 Business

To: Office Staff Subject: Meeting Changes & Causality All, Until further notice, William Byrne will be absent from the office. He will also be unable to attend today’s schedule resolution meeting. It has come to our attention that William was using Amazon’s new Amazon Quantum shopping interface here in his cubical and received the item […]

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Perspective, Opinion, and Point Of View — Distinctions That Matter To Writers And Readers

01.06.2011 blogging

I started another article, which you’ll likely see next week, about the importance of understanding and questioning perspective. But I think there is probably some significant confusion over just what perspective is. So today I’ll present a brief primer on the critical differences between perspective, opinion, and point of view and why writers must master […]

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