Don’t Be A Jerk: Doing Things Or Wearing Things Ironically

05.01.2014 The life of the mind

Live your life authentically. When you go out of your way to ridicule others by your actions or your fashion choices you are by my definition a jerk. Irony is best left for language. Use it sparingly. Irony, outside of performance, has no place in living. And yes, I’m talking to you particular jerks who […]

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Retro-Cool (Not Retro-Cold)

01.28.2014 Future

Nostalgia is a funny thing. There appears to be a trailing edge of what we find cool and interesting in the past. Some peg this interval to be thirty years, but I think it’s closer to fifty. For example, the fashion and design elements of the TV show Mad Men captivate a wide audience today. […]

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Pocket Watches, Vests, and Hats—Time To Bring Them All Back

07.18.2012 The life of the mind

I do not wish for simpler times. Frankly, I don’t believe in a previous golden age or better time. But I do miss the practical fashions of the past. Among the things I miss the most are men’s hats, vests, and pocket watches. I’m a bald man and I don’t just love wearing hats, it’s […]

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Cool, Smart, And Happy—Or Not

05.16.2012 gadgets

Own this thing, dress this way. It doesn’t really work, does it? If you wear the right clothes, if you own the right stuff, then everything in your life will be perfect. When you put it like that it’s clear this is not true. But it is oh so hard to overcome thinking like that. […]

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