Carve Out The Space To Work

05.21.2013 writing

My office is a complete disaster zone today. So is most of the house. But I’m finding that all I need is space to stand or sit. It’s enough space to work and write. We’re having the master bedroom, bath, and closet completely remodeled. The explosion of stuff from emptying out those three rooms has […]

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My Container Store Standing Desk

11.14.2012 gadgets

Sitting and writing is killing me. Literally. And yes, I’m using the word literally correctly. I find that the longer I keep my butt in that chair and do what I need to do as a writer that the pain in my lower back and the aching in my left shoulder and numbness in my left […]

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Spring For Writers: Clean Your Desk

04.18.2012 productivity

Spring cleaning is a rumored activity of the past and let’s face it, your desk could use a proper cleaning. Opening your windows to the fresh Spring air is a good reminder for you to quit putting it off and get it done. Here’s what I recommend: Completely empty the desk surface. Remove EVERYTHING. Dust, […]

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Your Most Important Office Tech: Your Chair

10.18.2011 blogging

There’s been a lot of debate recently about the benefits of standing desks vs. the dangers of sitting. I’m not sure where I stand — or sit — in the debate, but I do know just how important chairs can be. Back in 1994 I blew out a disk in my back and developed an […]

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Simple Productivity Task of The Day: Remove One Thing From Your Desk

04.22.2010 GTD

Today’s tip is deceptively simple: remove one unnecessary thing from your desk. Do this: look at your work area and pick one thing, just one thing, that doesn’t belong there, isn’t helping you with your work, and has just been taking up space. Pick up this one thing and find a place for it – […]

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