Writing Assignment: Describe A Rain Shower

by Randy Murray on April 13, 2012

The rain is as variable and varied as anything can be. It can be as soft and welcoming as a cool drink or it can be torrential and hammering, stealing the breath from your throat.

Rain is different from place to place, times of the day, or months of the year. It is infinitely changeable. And its experience is as personal and direct a thing as can be. You could write about this subject for a lifetime and never cover the same ground twice.

Which makes rain an excellent topic for a Writing Assignment.

For today’s assignment, pick one specific instance of the rain and write directly about the experience. You can write from memory or you can save this assignment for the moment when you are experiencing it, whether mist or deluge.

For bonus points, consider starting a writing journal just about rain. Not about snow, not about the weather, but simply about the rain. How many ways can you describe and write about the experience of, the witnessing of rain?

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