Copywriting Secrets Learned From Playwrighting: Dramatic Tension

02.03.2014 blogging

There are more than a few of the skills that I learned in training to be a playwright that have served me well copywriting for businesses. Playwrighting is one of the oldest forms of formal writing. Well-written plays from over 2,000 years ago still resonate with readers and audiences today. I worked hard to gain […]

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When Minimal Isn’t Enough

12.16.2013 Minimal

Minimalism isn’t about having or doing the very least. It’s about having or doing things simply, when simple is best. I enjoy simplicity, but I also dearly enjoy extravagance and blowing the top off when it’s called for. You can watch a movie on your phone, but in my opinion you are not practicing minimalism […]

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One Hit Wonder

10.02.2013 Books and Literature

I greatly dislike the term “one hit wonder.” The very fact that someone made something that you know is astounding and wonderful. They had a hit song. They published a book. They made a movie. They wrote a play. Just one. Only one. But that one thing was great. Why do we insist that greatness […]

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When Inspiration Strikes

05.14.2013 Theater

Playwrighting is hard work. Over the past few years, while working on multiple other projects, I’ve been researching and planning for a big new play, one that I think has real potential for production and audience interest. I have an entire shelf stacked with research. I’ve filled notebooks. I’ve had it playing in my mind, […]

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Writing Assignment: Review A Shakespeare Play

03.01.2013 Theater

I’ve had fun writing this week’s series, “Brush Up Your Shakespeare.” Now it’s time for you to do some writing. Writing reviews is a more difficult task than most people think. Everyone has an opinion about the things that they see. But that doesn’t mean that they have the ability to think critically about plays […]

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