productivity—Heavy Duty Project Management For BIG Projects

08.27.2013 Product Reviews

Some of us forget that productivity and project management isn’t just about PERSONAL productivity. Yes, as individuals we can benefit from organizing principals and tools, but many, even most of those tools have their roots in the tools and processes developed to manage big corporate and organizational projects. I was recently asked by the makers […]

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Productivity For Managers: If Your Staff Looks Busy All Of The Time, Something Is Probably Wrong

08.26.2013 Business

This one is for managers and supervisors. Here’s a simple test that may be revealing: when you walk around, do the people you manage ALWAYS look busy? Even on a factory floor there are pauses, lulls, and interruptions. In the cube farms of the modern office (which I detest), real work isn’t accomplished by the […]

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Process, Workflow, and Consistent Quality

04.17.2013 blogging

It’s a funny thing. In today’s digital, online world we often exult over the fact that all barriers and obstacles have been removed, that anyone with access to the net has a global soapbox. Anyone can open a store and sell goods. Anyone can make a movie, host a radio program, or display their art. […]

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How I Write

04.16.2013 blogging

I am a writer by both calling and profession and have been for many years. It’s surprisingly hard work. I’m often on deadline, both for my clients and when writing for myself. And the work, both my own and the ones that pay the bills, is typically challenging stuff. But I understand that not everyone […]

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Miro Artisanal Notebooks

04.11.2013 Product Reviews

I’m a big fan of paper notebooks, journals, and memo books. I have stacks of filled ones piled on my office closet shelf and at any given moment they may cover my desk. At this very moment there are two Moleskine Squared Large Notebooks, a Levenger 5 Years Journal, and two Miro notebooks on my […]

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