Dumpster Day: A Productive Way To Spend New Year’s Eve

12.31.2013 GTD

There are a few days, just a few, scattered across the year, when people in offices and working at home are required to be on the job or feel as if they should be working, but there’s really very little that can be done. When that happens, as it very well might today, declare that […]

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Re-Boxing Day—A Day To Recycle/Re-Gift

12.26.2013 productivity

Boxing Day is one tradition that did not seem to carry over from our English cousins. The day after Christmas started as a time for gifts to be given to servants, and then later employees and tradesmen, from their masters and employers. It’s become rather a bit more like Black Friday here in the States, […]

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Clean Up Your Photo Library

12.24.2013 Good Ideas

Today I reviewed the stream of photos that I’d taken using my iPhone over the last twelve months. I’ve found that I use our dedicated camera less and less and my phone more and more to take pictures. But I also noticed something else. My photos are littered with little pictures that don’t need to […]

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Strike The Bell And Turn The Glass: Using 30 Minute Writing & Work Intervals

10.14.2013 GTD

On a recent trip to the Atlantic shore I found the thirty minute hour glass that I’d been looking for. It’s simple and elegant and it is the only thing that I place on the upper shelf of my standing desk next to my laptop. I’m a big, big fan of the novels of Patrick […]

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Productivity For Managers: Daily Goals, Not Distant Ones

08.29.2013 Business

One of the best lessons about management and managing people I learned not in business, but in the classroom. As a graduate teaching assistant I knew how to give the students assignments to write papers. But I also saw them struggle to do the writing and produce good results. An experienced teacher and classroom observer […]

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