Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Put Away Business and Self-Help Books

03.24.2014 Business

Business books bore me. So do diet books, learn how to get rich books, improve yourself in three easy steps books. Eventually, you will, as I have, come to a simple realization: reading books like these are a form of procrastination. Put these books away. Take a deep breath. And just do the work. Like […]

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Converting To LED Lighting: Method Without The Madness

03.04.2014 Future

Last week I purchased an LED light to replace the first of many, many incandescent 65 watt bulbs in my home (primarily ceiling can lights). LEDs are a marvel. Although the lights are expensive—I paid $20 for this one where the incandescents were around $3 each— the LED will use about 10% of the electricity […]

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Messing Around—A Good Way To Get Started

01.29.2014 Movies

I recently started playing the ukulele. But I haven’t set out a plan for learning the instrument yet. Right now I’m just messing around with it. And it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Unlike a lot of other musical instruments, the ukulele is well suited to messing about. It has only four strings […]

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Fast Starts And Big Results

01.06.2014 Music

The fingertips of my left hand are painful and sore. I bear it as a sign of progress. My mother gave me a ukulele for Christmas. I had another for Christmas many, many years ago, a Sears and Roebuck model from sometime in the 60s. I had fun with it, but that was long ago. […]

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No Resolutions—Just Plans

01.02.2014 GTD

I’m old enough to know that resolutions don’t do much for me. They are easily forgotten and rarely observed. But when I make plans I find that I am much more likely to achieve success, to meet my goals, and to actually do the thing that I said I would. This year, among other things, […]

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