What’s So Great About Being Productive?

02.28.2011 GTD

Why do you want to be so productive? I’m serious. Take a moment and ask yourself what it is that you want that makes being productive so necessary? What makes you spend so much time and energy thinking and worrying about it? That may sound strange to you, but again, I’m serious. Stop and think […]

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You Are Not Responsible For Other People’s Productivity

02.24.2011 Business

Productivity is a completely personal pursuit. You cannot and should not take on the responsibility for someone else. I’ve tried, and quickly learned, that one cannot and should not attempt to include your spouse or your children in your current productivity plans. The best that I’ve been able to manage is to have everyone put […]

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100 Pushups: The Triumph Of The Unlikely Over The Impossible

02.23.2011 GTD

Last week, looking to give my workouts a little variety, and in a fit of apparent madness, I started the 100-pushup challenge. It’s exactly what it sounds like: work through a 6-week process until I can do 100 hundred pushups in one continuous session. At first glance, success is completely unlikely, and, therefore, it’s what I’m […]

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Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Keep A Promise

02.15.2011 Family

When you’re stuck on a project and finding it really difficult to get started it may indicate one of two things: you don’t yet know enough about your project OR you may have too many other things on your mind. If you don’t yet know enough, stop and do the work to learn what you […]

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FreeMind: A Product Review & Guest Post By Penny Mattern

02.09.2011 GTD

I often mention my dear friend and editorial partner, Penny, on this site, but today I have the distinct pleasure of publishing a guest post and product review she has written. It was written to me as a letter/email, but I think you’ll find it both interesting and useful. R You asked me to keep […]

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