Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Write An Abstract

03.17.2011 Business

Projects of all types share one common characteristic: they have multiple steps. Do this and then do that. Do all of these things at the same time. If you have only one step to perform it isn’t a project — it’s a task. When you have a project in front of you need to understand […]

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What I’ve Got In My Pockets

03.16.2011 gadgets

That’s it. A tube of ChapStick Medicated lip balm. Life is grand. Most days I work in my home office and have everything I need at hand. The only thing I carry with me is a tube of lip balm. It’s the thing I’m always guaranteed to have on my person. When I do venture […]

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Advice For The Traveler: Make No Changes On Day Of (Or Day Before) Travel

03.07.2011 Business

Last week, before I headed off to the airport to make a client visit for a few days, I remembered that a couple of my email accounts weren’t syncing properly to my iPhone and iPad. So in the few minutes I had before I rushed off and catch my plane, I updated my syncing preferences. […]

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Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Sharpen Your Pencil

03.03.2011 GTD

Today’s tip is a simple focus-shifting exercise. When you find yourself staring at your screen, looking blankly at the pile of work in front of you, or simply spinning your wheels, get up from your desk and find a pencil to sharpen. For some people, the wooden pencil is a thing of the ancient past, […]

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Getting Down To Business: How I Track My Time

03.01.2011 Business

I recently advised freelancers to track their time, no matter if they’re being paid by the hour or not. Here’s how I track my own time without making it an administrative nightmare. I have two ways that I do it, with the simplest being the core of my time tracking: a 3X5 card. I keep […]

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