Getting Down To Business: Tracking Your Time

02.03.2011 Business

Most of my client engagements are project-based. That means that the customer and I reach an agreement on what the deliverable will be and I quote a fixed cost. I like this, and customers do, too. But I still track my time. Why? Because I need to know if I quoted the job correctly. I’d […]

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Getting Down To Business: Status Reports To Clients

02.02.2011 Business

No matter how informally you run your business, one of the things that a client is paying you for is a degree of confidence that you are doing what they’ve contracted you to do. I’ve learned that as a freelance professional my customers are much more comfortable and less demanding when I take the initiative […]

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Getting Down To Business: The Statement Of Work

02.01.2011 Business

If you’re a freelancer, it’s often tempting to enter into work informally, to get right to the job and to deal with things fast. But if you want to prosper as a freelance businessperson, you’ll need to establish some basic practices that will help you to raise the quality of your work, strengthen your client […]

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Stock Your Toolbox: Cable Ties and End Nip Pliers

01.31.2011 gadgets

I’m no craftsman, but I do understand and use tools. That not only allows me to retain my status as homo sapiens, but it’s damn useful around the house. Today I’m starting a new series that I hope will help you build a literal set of tools that will help you handle most household needs […]

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In Meetings, Pen & Paper, Not Glass and Fingers

01.27.2011 Business

Recently I wrote about not letting technology get in the way during meetings with clients. In particular I mentioned that I keep my iPad, a marvelous device and much better to travel with than a laptop, off the table and tucked away in my briefcase. My article garnered a lot of new readers and some […]

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