And Whiskey

by Randy Murray on April 8, 2014

Add whiskey to hot water, lemon, and honey and you have the classic Hot Toddy.

It might sound like a drink for little old ladies. If so, they’re my kind of gals.

While I typically do not indulge in alcohol during the working day, when a cold or the flu hits, there are no restrictions. A healthy shot of whisky makes that toddy a true wonder. A relaxing beverage. Soothing. Miraculous.

Don’t reach for the top shelf when making one of these. I’ll save my 18 year old Laphroaig for later. But a decent, inexpensive whiskey or bourbon, in generous proportion, will do nicely.

A dark rum will also work just fine. Don’t bother with the butter. I have enough stuff coating my throat already.

Just lemon, honey, hot water, and the water of life.

It almost makes the cold bearable.

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