Hot Water, Lemon, And Honey

by Randy Murray on April 7, 2014

My wife, Diane, came down with a bad cold on March 22nd. Neither of us have suffered from colds in years. But this one was a doozy.

And I got it four days later.

As of this writing (1st draft, April 2nd), we’re recovering, but just barely. The two-week rule for colds seems to have been proven true in this case.

This was the full-blown, sore throat, completely congested, foggy-headed, dog-tired, good old fashioned common cold.

And yet, there’s work to be done. Diane didn’t miss a day of work, although I begged her to stay at home for a day or two. I slept through at least one day myself, but still shuffled off to my desk, got myself as clear as I could, and managed the work the rest of the time.

My main weapon, beyond decongestants, was a simple mix: a mug of hot water, just off the boil, with a tablespoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon. It comforts the throat and eases the breathing, dislodging the nasties and makes it possible for me to bang away at the keyboard a bit longer.

I highly recommend it. It is not a cure. It is only a palliative. But use it liberally when you have a cold.

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