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Deconstructing The Watch: Your Phone As A Pocket Watch

10.20.2014 gadgets

“What time is it?” You pull your phone out of your pocket, look down at it, and tell me. It is an odd behavior that makes me think of three piece suits and fancy accessories. Watch fobs and chains and pen knives. How strange that a group of people, thinking themselves highly technical and advanced have taken […]

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Writing Assignment: Write About Wearing A Watch

10.10.2014 writing

You either wear a watch or you do not. You may or may not own one. But it is likely that at some time in your life you have owned one and worn it. That is a very common modern experience. Some people today claim that the age of wrist watches is over. You don’t […]

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Deconstructing The Watch: Why We Wear Them

10.09.2014 Future

Here’s a simple question: why do you wear or not wear watches? Habit? Style? Or is there something more? For me it’s all three. I’ve always worn watches, pretty much as far back as I can remember. My Grandpa Murray carried a stainless steel pocket watch on a leather strap. And I remember when the […]

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Deconstructing The Watch: What’s In A Name

10.06.2014 history

It amuses me to read and hear so much about products like Apple’s new watch (called the “Apple Watch”). It’s a product that won’t be released for some time and we don’t really know much about it. And yet so many are staking out their ground. “I won’t buy or wear one!” “It’s the end […]

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