Incomplete Backup

05.13.2014 Family

I live in a digital world. All of our family photographs from the last dozen years or more are stored on a hard drive connected to our home computer. And all of our music. As is all of my work, not just for clients, but also my plays and creative work. I backup continually and […]

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The Internet, Redefined: 4G LTE

02.20.2014 writing

4G LTE Wireless Network: A super-fast method for draining your phone’s battery. More of The Internet, Redefined

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Live Like Gods: New Hearts, New Lives

07.24.2013 Future

My grandfather died of heart disease when he was 60 years old. Who knows what malady killed my great and great-great grandfathers? Should I develop such ailments, I could have my heart plucked out and replaced by one from a dead man. How is this not like a god? I have not had any life-threating […]

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Why The Heat About Wearable Computing?

07.17.2013 gadgets

There are a lot or people generating a lot of heat about Google Glasses and “smart watches.” The rumored Apple iWatch, not a real product (yet), has a lot of people claiming it an inevitable failure. And yet, these same people, friends of mine included, don’t seem to realized that they already have, use, and […]

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Required Reading: Dracula

03.14.2012 Books and Literature

Today we’re overrun by vampires. Sparkly, teenage, moody vampires. They are freak’n everywhere. I try to ignore them, but it’s getting to be that you can’t turn the page in a magazine without having to whip out a wooden stake and a crucifix, which, fortunately, I always carry in my satchel. What did you think […]

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