Miro Artisanal Notebooks

04.11.2013 Product Reviews

I’m a big fan of paper notebooks, journals, and memo books. I have stacks of filled ones piled on my office closet shelf and at any given moment they may cover my desk. At this very moment there are two Moleskine Squared Large Notebooks, a Levenger 5 Years Journal, and two Miro notebooks on my […]

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Sharpen Your Writing Skills: Write Two Sentences Every Day

10.24.2012 writing

I recently inherited the personal journal of an ancestor who lived a hundred years ago. You can still purchase very similar journals. His was labeled “A Line A Day.” Inside, on the only page of printed text, it opens with this: YOU have neither the time nor the inclination, possibly, to keep a full diary. […]

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Scribbled Notes, Nuggets of Gold

09.11.2012 writing

I can’t count the number of amazing ideas that I’ve had and quickly forgotten. Up until recently I’ve had an obsession about carrying as little as possible in my pockets and nothing in my hands. When I wear a jacket it’s easy to carry my Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase, but I don’t often wear a […]

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iPad Satchel Heaven: The Levenger Bomber Jacket Messenger

05.18.2011 gadgets

This might very well be the perfect iPad bag.  It’s the Levenger Bomber Jacket Messenger bag. What makes it perfect? First, it’s not a bag designed specifically for the iPad, which means that it’s likely to be useful as the generations of iPads and future devices come and go. Next, it’s a very well made […]

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Product Review: The Levenger Bookweight: Great Reader Tool, Deadly Weapon

11.02.2010 Books and Literature

I am a voracious reader and one of my most important reading times is the lunch hour. I can’t stand eating by myself without something to read, but I have spent many a happy hour at lunch with a book open on the table beside me. But reading while eating is problematic. You can’t hold […]

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