Scribbled Notes, Nuggets of Gold

by Randy Murray on September 11, 2012

I can’t count the number of amazing ideas that I’ve had and quickly forgotten.

Up until recently I’ve had an obsession about carrying as little as possible in my pockets and nothing in my hands. When I wear a jacket it’s easy to carry my Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase, but I don’t often wear a jacket anymore. I always have a folded 3×5 card in my wallet, but I don’t always think to pull it out.

But now that I’m in the habit of carrying a Field Notes Memo Book with me everywhere I’m getting in the habit of jotting down almost anything I think of.

I like this habit. It’s fun to make small notes and even more fun to try and decipher them later. I can’t always recapture the original state of mind I had when I made the note, but that rarely matters. Making notes is like salting a mine. You were the one that put the gold there, but at least it’s gold!

The notes are for you. Don’t worry about your handwriting, the spelling, or what someone else will think. These are your notes. If a thought occurs to you, write it down, pat yourself on the back, and go about your business with a smile. Later you can leaf through your notes with a puzzled expression on your face until you stumble across that gem, that little something that has value, and feel the sense of relief and triumph.

There it is. A thought captured.


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