Not Every Child Needs to Learn How To Code

07.16.2013 Technology

I’ve seen a lot of people talking lately about how important it is for every child to learn to program, to code. I disagree. I think that it’s very important for children to make art and music, to learn to read and write very well. I think that it’s essential that children learn that the […]

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You Will Never Amount To Anything

05.07.2013 writing

The best thing a professor ever said to me was something that should never be said and yet it’s something that most of us tell ourselves frequently. As a freshman in college I was somehow, mistakenly, placed in a very exclusive honor’s English seminar. My rural schooling was completely inadequate to the demands of this […]

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Coming Into Your Own – Embracing Your Own Best Destiny

05.24.2010 Art

Until recently, when someone would ask, “what do you do?” I’d pause and struggle a bit, then tell them about my job. “I manage a small technology company,” I’d tell them, or “I run marketing and internet projects for …” But what I really wanted to say was, “I’m a writer.” That inner conflict, probably […]

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In Praise Of High Standards

11.06.2009 Business

The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, the 56th Edition for 1975-1976 has a prominent place on my book shelf. It’s a massive book, probably weighs ten pounds. I never refer to it, haven’t pulled it off the shelf for years until just now, and I still take great pride in it sitting there. It’s […]

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