This Summer’s Beach Reading List

08.18.2014 Books and Literature

One of the great joys that my wife and daughters share with me is taking a big stack of books to read while lying on the beach or about the beach house. Here’s my list for this year: Wayfaring Stranger by James Lee Burke. I buy each of Burke’s books in hardback, which he conveniently releases each […]

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Writing Assignment: Write What Comes Next After Overhearing Dialog

08.15.2014 writing

“And that’s why I don’t eat hummus.” If you pay attention, you can hear the most interesting things while out in public. It’s the writer’s prerogative to listen in to conversations and pick up those little things that can find their way into stories and other work. These snippets of conversation and dialog can be fascinating […]

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Really Good Reasons Why Not To Write—#8 Can’t Write Good Enough Yet

08.14.2014 writing

Let’s be serious for a moment. You don’t write very well. You don’t. It’s frustrating. When you try to write what you want it doesn’t come out the way that you want. So many people write much better than you do. Of course they do. You don’t have to write. You can stop. Practice is […]

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Really Good Reasons Why Not To Write—#7 No Good Ideas

08.13.2014 writing

There is absolutely nothing to write about. Your ideas suck. It’s true. Other writers have much better ideas than you do. You did think of that one thing, but someone already wrote a wonderful book about that. And now you have nothing. You can’t write without any good ideas, right? Certainly. Don’t write. Why should […]

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Really Good Reasons Why Not To Write—#6 Too Many Ideas To Start On Just One

08.12.2014 writing

There are so many things buzzing around in your head that you can’t relax. You’ll need to relax before you can write, won’t you? These are great, interesting, fascinating ideas. And so, so many of them. You can’t sleep because your mind won’t “shut off.” There’s nothing to be done about it. You might jot […]

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