Go When Others Must Stay

09.11.2014 Family

My wife and I have arrived at that time of life when we have gained back a bit of personal freedom. Our children have grown and left the house. The things that kept us bound close to home, the school and the myriad activities of children, no longer require our presence. It’s pretty sweet. And […]

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Let’s Get Away From It All

07.31.2014 Travel

If you’ve traveled by air anytime recently you know just how uncomfortable and humiliating it can be. I avoid it when possible, but even driving long distances by car can be uncomfortable. Oh how I long for the time when travel wasn’t such a pain in the ass. It’s not this way in a lot […]

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On The Road

04.23.2013 Travel

I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Covering ground. Wearing out shoes. Seeing new territories (and a few familiar ones). In just this year I’ve put thousands of miles on my car, traveling from my home in Columbus, Ohio as far West as Kansas City and as far East as Providence Rhode Island. I’ve been to […]

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Writing Assignment: Write Driving Directions

04.12.2013 Travel

You can’t get there from here. That’s often true. Certainly not with those directions. To me, verbal driving directions are practically useless. My memory and mind doesn’t work that way. Give me any set of instructions verbally and I’m lost beyond the thirds step. Thank the gods for GPS. But what happens when the GPS […]

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Notes From The Road: Connect

08.30.2012 Travel

On our recent trip I found that I didn’t miss TV, but I did miss data. I couldn’t pick up my iPhone to look up a restaurant recommendation or a bit of information about the historical site we were visiting. I couldn’t get the bus schedule, get directions, or share the photos of what I was seeing. […]

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