Stock Your Toolbox: Knives and Razors

05.04.2011 gadgets

Some of the key components of any home toolkit are things to cut and scrape with. You don’t need to spend a lot, but having a knife and razor blades in your toolbox will help you out in a number of circumstances. I recommend including a basic folding knife with a two or three inch […]

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Don’t Try And Remember, Check

04.26.2011 GTD

What was I suppose to remember to bring home? Milk, dry-cleaning, leaf bags? I hate that feeling, standing in the grocery store, racking my brain, trying to remember some key ingredient I know that I’m missing. Or when I’m down in the basement — what was I supposed to bring up, put away, and check on?  […]

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Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Process Your Whole Inbox

04.07.2011 GTD

That pile of paper in that box on your desk can be imposing. I turn my back and it seems to grow, to double. Sometimes I think I can hear it breathing. But I don’t care. Whenever I get bogged down on a project I’m working on I take a break and process everything in my […]

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Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Make A Cup Of Tea

03.24.2011 GTD

When you find yourself rushing to get things done and feeling like you aren’t accomplishing anything, you need to take a moment to slow yourself down. Rushing and failing isn’t what you want. You want and need to accomplish things successfully. Today’s task is designed to help you slow down.  You are going to make yourself […]

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On The Road Again

03.21.2011 Business

I’m hitting the road today, off for some client work and a chance to visit a dear friend. This time it’s Minneapolis. For a work-at-home guy I’m doing a lot of traveling this year. This is my fourth trip in 2011. And you know what? I’m enjoying it much more than I used to. I […]

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