Simply Indestructible (for all intents and purposes)

by Randy Murray on January 21, 2013

What could be better than the lovely Field Note Memo Book?

An indestructible Field Notes Memo Book!

Well, perhaps.

I’ve written before about my love for the Field Notes Memo Book. It’s a beautiful little paper book that becomes even more lovely as it’s used and worn. My last one is patched with masking tape and worn so soft that it now feels like chamois.

And I was intrigued when I saw that they had produced what appeared to be a virtually indestructible memo book, the Expedition edition Field Notes Memo Book. I promptly ordered a set.

For the way I use them, it may well be indestructible. It’s not  made out of paper, but a polymer, synthetic surface. It is water resistant, tear resistant, and extremely tough. But it’s also resistant to many writing implements. You’ll need to test your pens and pencils to see if they’ll work on this writing surface.

Fortunately, my trusty Fisher Space Pen works beautifully on it and is an equally tough instrument. As a bonus, the Space Pen can write under water, through grease, and, most importantly for my uses, in zero gravity.

The Expedition edition is a terrific note book for when you know you might be in difficult environments. But the Expedition edition won’t supplant my standard paper Field Notes Memo Book. I love how the Standard Field Notes notebook wears and tears. It takes on the character of its time and place. My last one is filled with ticket stubs, stickers, and stamps, as well as the notes I’ve made along the way. I also like that it is temporary and impermanent. After all, I use these books for immediate capture, not for long term storage (although I do lovingly retire all of my various notebooks to a corner of my office closet).

I highly recommend the Expedition edition and all editions of the Field Notes Memo Books. They’re a pleasure to use.

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