Off-Topic Friday: Fisher Space Pen Review

by Randy Murray on October 9, 2009

There are three places that I always enjoy browsing, even if I’m not out to purchase something specific: a bookstore, a hardware store, or an office supply store. Each is filled with possibilities. For me, office supplies are just another type of hardware - tools for a particular task.

My interest in pens and writing implements is one of appreciation and doesn’t rise to the fetishistic level you might run into - in fact some call it “productivity porn”  (it’s ok, it’s safe to click - it’s not what you think!). In fact, I own only two pens, aside from the typical collection of disposable pens, pencils, and markers that you’ll find in most desk drawers.

One is my “dress” pen, a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck. It was a present, but unlike many gifts, it’s one I’ve used almost daily for over 15 years. It’s not something that I would have purchased for myself, but I value it as a thoughtful present. For someone like me that doesn’t wear jewelry, the Mont Blanc clipped to a dress shirt is a bit of formality and flash I allow myself. It’s a comfortable and reliable writing instrument, too.

Fisher Space Pen, Matte Black w/Clip

But my “daily driver” is a matte black Fisher Space Pen - the bullet style with clip. It’s the pen you’ll most often find in my pocket - if not clipped in my shirt pocket, then in my right front pants pocket with my Swiss Army Knife and a tube of Chapstick.

There’s a degree of myth built up around the Space Pen, but I’ll tell you this - it’s a terrific, tough, super-reliable writing instrument. It will, as advertised, write upside down, thru grease, under water, and yes, in the micro-gravity of orbit (that one I haven’t tested, yet - but NASA has). With its cap on, the Space Pen is very small and just right for pants pocket carrying. And I find it very comfortable to write with for extended periods of time.

As a good Boy Scout, I recommend you keep in your personal stock at least 2 of the Fisher pressurized refills at all times. I’ve tried off-brands with uneven results.

And if you’re looking for a gift for that special writer in your life, here’s something to consider: 40th Year Moon Landing Celebration Commemorative Pen & Box.

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