Writing Assignments: Write In The Dark

11.16.2012 writing

At the end of our family adventure in Scotland this summer I took my wife and two girls to see one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman, and his wife, Amanda Palmer. Together they performed an evening of music and stories. It was a wonderful way to cap off our Edinburgh Fringe Festival experience. We [...]

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Whisky Assignments: It’s Not Scotch

11.06.2012 Food and Cooking

On a recent trip to Scotland I was finishing my first meal in an Edinburgh pub and I asked, “do you carry any Scotch?” I received a disappointed grimace and a sad shaking of the waiter’s head. “No,” she said. “There’s no such thing.” “Oh. Well,” I started. “But we do have whisky.” You may [...]

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Notes From The Road: Walk

08.27.2012 Travel

Even two weeks after our trip to Edinburgh my mind is still buzzing with the things we did and saw. Although I’m rested and back to work and at my typical schedule, a part of me is still back there, walking the cobblestone streets of that ancient city. Walking in a new place, when this [...]

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Notes From The Road: See

08.21.2012 Travel

At the entry to Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh they’ve built a beautiful little museum called “The Queen’s Gallery.” It houses a portion of the art collection that English monarchs have amassed over the years. You can view everything there in an unhurried hour or so, the perfect length for a museum visit, in my opinion. [...]

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Notes From The Road: Go

08.20.2012 Books and Literature

There is something remarkable about travel. I don’t mean simply a change from the ordinary. Travel, especially far outside your well-carved rut, changes you and provides nourishment that can sustain for months or years to come. And, as I’ve just seen from my recent trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, there is no amount of reading and [...]

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