Writing Assignment: Write A Family Holiday Letter

by Randy Murray on December 14, 2012

This time of year I am regularly given the assignment to write our family holiday letter. It’s a much more difficult task than you might imagine.

Here are my self-imposed guidelines:

  1. I use only 1 side of a standard 8.5 X 11 page.
  2. It must include at least 1 photo, a header, a greeting, and holiday wish. That means the space for words is limited, especially if one is using a reasonably readable font size.
  3. I must mention news about each individual family member (4, including myself).

And along with this I try and actually report news. If possible, I like to tell about the positive achievements and events, but when necessary, it’s important to note the passings and tribulations from the previous year.

All in just about 150 words.

It is very challenging to do well, make it engaging, and to not create a flurry of concerned response letters and phone calls. Which makes this an excellent Writing Assignment.

For today’s assignment, write a letter to distribute to friends and family this holiday season. Include everyone in your immediate family, or if it’s just yourself, indulge in the opportunity to talk about your year in detail. Limit yourself to no more than 150 words, including an opening greeting and a closing holiday wish.


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