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Deconstructing The Watch: Your Phone As A Pocket Watch

10.20.2014 gadgets

“What time is it?” You pull your phone out of your pocket, look down at it, and tell me. It is an odd behavior that makes me think of three piece suits and fancy accessories. Watch fobs and chains and pen knives. How strange that a group of people, thinking themselves highly technical and advanced have taken […]

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Pocket Watches, Vests, and Hats—Time To Bring Them All Back

07.18.2012 The life of the mind

I do not wish for simpler times. Frankly, I don’t believe in a previous golden age or better time. But I do miss the practical fashions of the past. Among the things I miss the most are men’s hats, vests, and pocket watches. I’m a bald man and I don’t just love wearing hats, it’s […]

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