Writing Assignment: Write About Your Pain

07.25.2014 writing

As a man over fifty years old I know a thing or two about physical pain. Pain is not exclusive to those of us with a few miles on the odometer, but as one ages, the dings and dents do tend to add up. I’m someone in relatively good health, but broken bones, worn joints, […]

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Writing Assignment: Write The Story Of A Day

02.22.2013 writing

A single day of life can seem completely uneventful or can have enough activity and incidents to fill a thick volume. Ask James Joyce about that. There’s more to a day of life than a series of events. There’s a story. Even for writers, many days go by uneventfully, unexamined. But each day of life […]

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My Container Store Standing Desk

11.14.2012 gadgets

Sitting and writing is killing me. Literally. And yes, I’m using the word literally correctly. I find that the longer I keep my butt in that chair and do what I need to do as a writer that the pain in my lower back and the aching in my left shoulder and numbness in my left […]

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The Waiting Game Trap

09.10.2012 Business

“Let’s wait and see what happens.” “Something better might come along.” “The new model will be out soon.” “I’m sure it will clear up on it’s own.” “See how you feel in the morning.” Screw all of that. Do your research, make a clean, well informed decision based upon as much evidence and as little […]

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Playing Through The Pain

08.16.2012 Health and Fitness

Recently, it slowly dawned on me that my shoulders, both of them, hurt all of the time. I’d gotten used to it, sitting in this chair, writing for hours on end. It really just snuck up on me, a minor accompaniment to the much more intense back pain I’ve had for years. At first I […]

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