Get Action—Apple’s Advertising Emphasizes Doing Things

10.22.2014 Business

The general stereotype of the computer nerd is someone living in a dark, cluttered basement or dimly lit room. It’s someone who lives hunched over in front of a glowing screen. It is a stereotype, but if you, like I, have spent time around hard core developers, gamers, and redditors you probably won’t find this […]

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Movies And Roller Coasters: How Nerds Like Me Can Learn To Not Hate Fun Movies

01.15.2014 Movies

I love movies. I love the feeling and excitement of going to the theater, finding a seat among the crowd, and waiting in anticipation as the auditorium darkens. Some movies are deep and stay with me a long, long time. They provoke me and change me. Others make me laugh. Some make me jump in […]

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