Converting To LED Lighting: Method Without The Madness

03.04.2014 Future

Last week I purchased an LED light to replace the first of many, many incandescent 65 watt bulbs in my home (primarily ceiling can lights). LEDs are a marvel. Although the lights are expensive—I paid $20 for this one where the incandescents were around $3 each— the LED will use about 10% of the electricity […]

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Playing What If: The End Of Light Bulbs

01.13.2014 Business

On Friday I offered a Writing Assignment about predicting the future. Here’s me taking my own medicine. Let’s ask, “what if.” These thoughts are my own, traveling far outside and beyond the current topics of LED or CFL. Now that the production of incandescent light bulbs has been largely phased out I’ve been doing what […]

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3D TV: Cool Demo, Then Back To Regular 2D Viewing

07.15.2013 gadgets

I recently bought a new TV for our newly remodeled bedroom, a Sony 55-Inch TV. It’s very nice, with a beautiful picture and very thin design. And it came with 3D capabilities. I didn’t want the 3D stuff, but it came with every TV of that class that I looked at. We also received a new […]

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