Writing Assignment: Write An Object Description Without Adjectives.

10.04.2013 writing

To write cleanly, sparely, is surprisingly difficult. When a writer attempts to describe an object, person, or place directly, it takes exceptional thought and concentration to keep that description from going overboard with little, unnecessary bits that clutter up the sentences and diminish the power of the description. Adjectives are designed to aid in description. […]

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Beach Reading 2013: My Vacation Book Stack

08.12.2013 Books and Literature

This week we’re away on our family beech vacation. We all bring a stack of books. Here’s mine for 2013: Light of the World by James Lee Burke. One of my favorite authors who almost always has the good timing to have his latest book out just in time for my vacation. I award my favorite […]

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Read What You Want

02.13.2013 Books and Literature

Read what you want. Read anything. Read comic books (and graphic novels). Read steamy romances and bodice rippers. Read all the forms of science fiction. Read fantasy books and swords and sorcery epic sagas to your heart’s content. Read mysteries, thrillers, ghost stories, and blood-dripping horror. Read the funny stuff, the serious stuff, the puzzling […]

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Writing Assignment: Copy A Style

07.01.2011 writing

One of the best ways for an artist to practice a craft is to emulate the style of its masters. It’s harder than it sounds. You have to do more than just copy surface attributes. You have to understand how they do what they do, what makes it work, and why it affects you. As […]

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