Get Action—Apple’s Advertising Emphasizes Doing Things

10.22.2014 Business

The general stereotype of the computer nerd is someone living in a dark, cluttered basement or dimly lit room. It’s someone who lives hunched over in front of a glowing screen. It is a stereotype, but if you, like I, have spent time around hard core developers, gamers, and redditors you probably won’t find this […]

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100 Pushups: The Triumph Of The Unlikely Over The Impossible

02.23.2011 GTD

Last week, looking to give my workouts a little variety, and in a fit of apparent madness, I started the 100-pushup challenge. It’s exactly what it sounds like: work through a 6-week process until I can do 100 hundred pushups in one continuous session. At first glance, success is completely unlikely, and, therefore, it’s what I’m […]

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More Wisdom From the Other Side Of Fifty – Schedule Your First Colonoscopy

05.07.2010 Health and Fitness

Your health is a critical resource that you need to manage. When you are sick or injured you know that this is true. One of the signs of maturity at any age is recognizing that you’re responsible for your own health and fitness AND doing something about it. Exercise, good diet, mentally engaging activities are […]

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