You Will Never Amount To Anything

05.07.2013 writing

The best thing a professor ever said to me was something that should never be said and yet it’s something that most of us tell ourselves frequently. As a freshman in college I was somehow, mistakenly, placed in a very exclusive honor’s English seminar. My rural schooling was completely inadequate to the demands of this […]

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Empty Nest

09.20.2011 Family

How odd, to be alone in this quiet house. This house, our home, has been a nest, a place where we nurtured two daughters. My wife and I tried to make it safe, comfortable, and an enjoyable place to be. A refuge and a resource. And now, the youngest has left the nest. I’m so […]

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Making Hard Choices

04.25.2011 The life of the mind

My oldest daughter, Kathleen, is a Jazz bass musician and a very good one. She knew what she wanted to do from the age of 14. And she knew where she wanted to go to college and who she wanted to study with. Everyone agreed, all of her teachers and her mentors, everyone.”Go to Michigan […]

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Notes From The Road: College Campus Tours

04.15.2010 Family

This last week was a complete blur. We covered over 2200 miles in nine days, visited six cities and made five college tours. I’m beat. But it was a great trip.  I almost felt as if I was the one looking for a college. I’d never done this before. Kathleen, who’ll graduate from Michigan State […]

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