Modern Marketing 101: How Much Should I Spend On My Web Site?

06.16.2014 blogging

It’s still a struggle for many businesses, some of them very large businesses, to understand how to budget for a web and online marketing strategy. When I consult with businesses I use this simple rule of thumb: spend as much on your web site as you would on your flagship retail location. Not all businesses […]

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Start Planning For 2012: Your Budget

10.25.2011 Business

Most people hate budgets and budgeting. I know. I understand. Unfortunately they’re unavoidable. They’re an essential tool for any business and an increasingly crucial part of personal life. Budgets don’t have to be difficult. And they don’t have to be looked at as limits. Budgeting is a way to understand and control factors that, if […]

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Spend Nothing Game – Solitaire Version

05.05.2010 Family

One of the secrets to success in reducing and eliminating unnecessary spending is honesty. You have to be completely aware of when you’re spending, what you’re spending it on, and why. This is tough stuff. It’s so easy to just let little things slip by: that cup of coffee at Starbucks, grabbing lunch at a […]

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