Writing Assignment: Write A Writing Prompt For Another Writer

by Randy Murray on September 26, 2014

Sometimes it is easier to urge others to action than to stimulate oneself in the same. Today we’ll try and do both.

Writing prompts are short and very specific enticements to writers to help them write, practice, and experience a moment of writing success. I’ve been offering many: here’s my list of Writing Prompts. I’ll add more from time to time.

You can create your own writing prompts, too. While ones you create for yourself may or may not stimulate you into writing, you can write a prompt for another writer, and the act of writing is in itself a successful example of writing when prompted.

For today’s assignment, write a simple writing prompt for another writer. Your goal should be to offer something simple and easy to do. You can test it yourself to see if it stimulates your own interest. Use my published prompts as an example: More Writing Prompts.

I also recommend keeping a special notebook that you can use to record your own writing prompts. You can then refer to it when you need some help motivating yourself to write. I think of prompts as providing a writer with a running head start. Encourage action, and then, continue writing.


For bonus points, publish your writing prompt here in the comments.

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