Five Simple Writing Tasks: 4—Leave A Note

by Randy Murray on May 30, 2013

All this week I’m offering up simple writing tasks. Each task is designed around one of the key attributes of good writing that is often overlooked: mindfulness. Each task is simple, direct, and will not take much time. I urge you to try them all this week and keep them to try again in the future.

Task #4–Leave A Note

Today you will have two writing tasks.

The first is simple: take a piece of paper, fold it in half, and inside write a note to be left behind. You may write your own note or you may copy this message:

Today, on the day that I left this note, I will ponder how this little slip of paper will affect those who read it.

And then, later, I will write about my day.

What will you now do with your day?

Leave this note in a public place, unsigned, undated.

Then do as this note says. Think about the day. Think about the strangers who might read it. Think about how this message might affect them.

At the end of your day, write about your note and the impact even a few simple lines, written thoughtfully, might have in the world.

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