While I’m Away

by Randy Murray on November 15, 2012

Tomorrow, November 16th, I’m going to have surgery on my neck to remove a disk that’s pressing on my spinal cord and causing pain and numbness down my left arm. I call it a writer’s malady, but let me tell you, it’s no picnic. Combined with my chronic lower back pain (also disk related), it’s been difficult to work and do the things that I enjoy lately.

But, hopefully, all of this will be over soon and I’ll return healthy and pain free.

While I’m recuperating a number of friends and associates have kindly offered to supply guest posts. You have some good stuff to look forward too. I hope you’ll let them know if you read and enjoy their work. We may run a few “best of” posts as well.

When I get back to the keyboard I hope to tell you about the books, movies, TV shows, and other things I I watched, read, and did while recuperating. Until then, my friend and editor Penny has the con.

I hope to not be away long, but enjoy the guest articles while I’m away!

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