Notes From The Road: Taste

by Randy Murray on August 23, 2012

When people heard that I was going to Scotland the most frequently asked question was, “Are you going to eat haggis?”

I did. And it’s delicious.

Seriously. Haggis is just spiced mutton and oatmeal. Have it for breakfast or in a pie for lunch. I’m officially a big fan (forget the whole sheep’s stomach thing, that’s just the casing and they remove it. Do you want to know what sausage casings are made out of?).

English and Scottish food has been an easy target for jokes for many years, but it’s certainly not the case any more. On recent trips to England and Scotland I’ve had some remarkably good food and almost no bad meals. Even pub food, once derided as inedible, is now quite good. And I had one of the best seafood meals of my life nearby in the Port of Leith.

Not to mention the whisky!

When you travel, try things. Leave your narrow eating habits behind. You might be surprised at what you do like. Having a Sunday Roast in a pub is a delight (in a pinch, the Steak and Ale Pie will do). Make sure you have a pint of the local beer, or perhaps a cider. Take your time with meals, meet up with friends (or make new ones), and enjoy a break from the rigors of travel.

If you visit a place and fail to try the local food you haven’t really been there.


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