Too Many Damn Cards

by Randy Murray on June 7, 2012

My back hurts. I sit in this chair writing too many hours a day. And now, I find, that my billfold is trying to kill me.

I have an ongoing battle with my wallet. There’s a card for every situation imaginable. I need my ID/driver’s license, I need my medical insurance cards, AAA card, grocery store discount card, and a confusing array of credit cards that we use for different purposes and benefits. There’s the main card, the card we use to get the most back on buying fuel, the Costco card, library card, card, card, card, card, card.

Then there are business cards, collected receipts, oh, and money. Even when I trim it down it’s a two-inch thick block in my back pocket that’s throwing off how I sit and it’s not helping my aching back.

So I’m on a campaign to cut it all down. I’m going to pull all the loyalty cards out that I don’t need to carry every day and leave them behind. I’m going to test the theory that I need every single card that I carry, and see which ones I can leave behind. And no, I’m not putting the little cards on my key ring. That’s full enough, too.

Take the grocery card, for example. I need it for food and fuel discounts. But I really only need my phone number. So that card is out. I carry separate credit cards for business and personal use. But I rarely need to use the business card. So that one stays home. And it may be that I don’t need to carry both my medical insurance card and the prescription drug card in my pocket. Maybe the drug card can stay at home.

Every card will be tested and when in doubt, left behind.

And I’m buying a small wallet, one I can comfortably carry in a front pocket. I hate carrying stuff in my front pockets, so it is going to have to be tiny.

This means war.

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