Writing Assignment: Write A Customer Thank You Letter

by Randy Murray on May 20, 2011

I’ve been fortunate to never have worked the customer service desk, but I have managed one. And I’ve taken more than a few calls from unhappy or frustrated customers. It’s a thankless job most days. But not today. Today you’ll surprise, and, I hope, delight someone.

Bad service, awful treatment, sets my blood boiling, but when I’m treated exceptionally well I carry that through the day. Thanking the person directly is nice, but if you want to do that person good you must talk with their boss. And nothing is more valuable than a short letter to a manager or business owner praising an employee. A conversation can be forgotten, but a letter is a physical thing and remains impressive, attention-getting.

For today’s assignment, write a brief letter praising someone that gave you exceptional service or treated you unexpectedly well. Mention them by name, be specific about when this occurred and provide details of precisely what they did and how it made you feel.

Here is my example,

Dear Manager or Owner,

On the 4th of this month I visited your restaurant for lunch and was served by Susan. We were so impressed by her personable, yet fully professional service, that I had to make sure and bring it to your attention.

Not only was she pleasant, but also she showed excellent attention to detail. As she took our orders it was clear that she did not need to make notes, but when my guest, who suffers from food allergies, made a very specific request for his salad, she carefully took notes to make sure everything was precisely correct. She also made several suggestions that were not on the menu and took care when the food arrived to make sure everything was as ordered. And she had a special dessert prepared when it became clear than nothing on the menu was suitable for my guest. He was extremely impressed. I believe that the resulting happy and relaxed attitude helped me conclude a business deal with my guest.

I’ve grown use to poor service, but it was clear that Susan is both talented and sensitive to your patrons. She is an asset to your restaurant. I will be sure to return.



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