Writing Assignment: Pick Your Time Travel Destination

by Randy Murray on May 6, 2011

Here’s your ticket. It’s just for you: one passenger to any point in history. You can stay as long as you like.

You can’t change anything. All travel is to a separate but parallel universe, and you’ll be returned to this one at the end of your journey, if you survive (please sign the waiver of liability).

So, where are you heading? What will you do? Who will you meet?

In today’s writing assignment, describe your time travel pick and tell the reader why you’d make this journey. Provide enough details that your readers might decide to use their tickets to join you on the trip.

Here’s my example:

Please set the wayback machine for New York City, January 16, 1938. Actually, let’s set it for a month in advance so I can buy tickets for the sold out Benny Goodman concert at Carnegie Hall. The month in 1938 NYC is just the bonus.

I want to dress in my 1930’s best and take my seat with the in-the-know crowd to enjoy this amazing event. It’s not just to hear Benny Goodman, but also Gene Krupa, Harry James, Johnny Hodges, Lester Young, Harry Carney, Buck Clayton, Lionel Hampton, even Count Basie himself. There was magic in that night. It was the actual, single moment when jazz and swing were taken seriously and recognized as true art forms. That doesn’t happen often, but it happened that night.

I’ve listened to the concert recording many times, closing my eyes and imagining myself sitting there, but that’s where I’d go at the drop of a hat (a well-shaped Fedora), if I had my chance. I don’t need to meet any of the musicians. I’d probably enjoy eating in local diners and talking to patrons, but I don’t have anyone in particular I need to meet. 1938 in New York is my pick.

As a note of interest, Penny, the senior editor here at FTTT, has a connection to this concert: her parents attended it! I am completely and utterly jealous of them for that.

You may leave your completed assignment in the comments section below.

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