Content Marketing Hard Truth #1: Traffic & Success Comes From Your Previous Posts

09.17.2013 blogging

Content marketing has been hailed as THE current marketing trend. Some claim that it’s cheap, easy, and very effective. It can be very effective. But it’s not that easy. Here’s the first hard truth about content marketing: the success that you’re looking for, all of that golden traffic to your web site, comes from having […]

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Content Marketing: Why You Need Professional Help

01.14.2013 Business

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the most effective way to market online is to embrace content marketing. First, a definition: Content marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all marketing formats that involve the creation and sharing of content in order to attract, acquire and engage clearly defined and understood current and potential consumer bases with the objective of driving profitable […]

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Content Marketing: Post Your Best Stuff On Your Slowest Days

12.18.2012 blogging

Content marketing is one of the most difficult things for businesses to do. Why? Because it never stops and it takes a long time to produce results. But it does produce results. I spent many years, over 25 of them, as a marketer, including years as either a Director or VP of Marketing. I know […]

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Writing Assignment: Use A Word To Death

07.06.2012 writing

Too often SEO, Search Engine Optimization, makes copy virtually unreadable for humans. I do a lot of work in business copy writing and I’ve seen that those who simply flood copy with keywords have no intention of trying to communicate. They’re only trying to rank well on Google. Even though Google tells us that they ignore […]

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SEO And The Long Tail – How Jon Hamm Keeps Bringing New Visitors To My Site

09.23.2010 blogging

On October 15th of last year I published a piece about Using Photos And Illustrations. I thought it was a good piece and it garnered a pretty good readership at the time. In it I used two sample photos: one of Steve Jobs and one of the actor Jon Hamm. What has caught my eye […]

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