Scary Thoughts For Writers: You’ll Never Attract Readers

10.24.2013 writing

This one, this thing from the depths of perdition, is a nasty little critter. I found it affixed to the back of my computer monitor years ago. It showed up the moment that I launched this very site, this blog. It seemed quite reasonable, unthreatening at first. And then it croaked out, “Why even bother? […]

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Being Literate Means Being Able To Write, Not Just Read

07.10.2013 writing

It is a national shame that here in the United States we do not have 100% literacy. Even those we pass through the U.S. K-12 education system often have very limited abilities to read and communicate. Those limits become life barriers: barriers to jobs, income, social status, and the future of their children and generations […]

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Why We Need Editors: It’s About The Reader, Not The Writer

07.08.2013 blogging

I’m closing off this series on why writers need editors with this simple statement: writers need editors when they care about the reader. Editing isn’t about removing the writers voice, changing their ideas, or making their writing vanilla-flavored. Good editing is about helping the writer to make all of those things WORK. Good editing is […]

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Tools For Writers: Your ‘To Read’ List

02.12.2013 Books and Literature

There is so much to read, so many good books recommended by friends and others, so many books that I’d like to read, but perhaps not right now. I’ve found that if I don’t write down these possible books to read that it’s unlikely that I’ll remember them when the time is right, when I’m […]

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The Writer’s Life: Success

04.10.2012 blogging

Finding an audience, finding a reader, is one of the fundamental revelations in a writer’s life. Your audience, your reader, may not be who you thought that they would be. That’s a delightful and sometimes mind-blowing discovery. You’re not in control of who your readers will be. You might not even be the best judge […]

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