Writing And Publishing Are Two Different Things

11.06.2013 writing

“I’m not a writer. I haven’t published anything!” You may or may not be a writer, but publishing doesn’t have anything to do with it. Writers write. Period. The ease of publishing online confuses the matter. Almost anyone with a little time can set up a blog and hit publish. That doesn’t make them a […]

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The Expense Of Editing: A Missing Component For Too Many Content Marketing Plans

07.03.2013 blogging

I’ve been arguing these past few weeks (and far longer), about the need for writers to work with editors. What some may not realize is this: businesses that want to take advantage of content marketing to increase their sales also need editors. But how much will editing cost? The cost of editing falls across three […]

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No More Excuses: Find An Editing Partner

07.02.2013 blogging

If you are working within a business and you are focusing on content marketing, one of the key roles that you are likely missing, the very thing that may limit your success, is good editing. If you are an individual who wants to be a writer and grow an audience, a good editing partner can […]

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Writing Assignment: Message In A Bottle

02.04.2011 writing

One of the most difficult things for a writer is to think about is that someone, somewhere, might be reading their work. The young writer (not necessarily in chronological age, but in writing years) often fears publication and possible rejection. The mature writer understands that rejection and criticism is part of the landscape and no […]

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