No Time To Write

11.07.2013 writing

Please select from the following. I am: Working too many hours. Exhausted and can’t think. Have to deal with kids and family life. Too many other demands on my time. My spouse, significant other, social requirements, demand my attention. Or add your own. Excuses. Every one of them. They may be true. They may the […]

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Writing Assignment: Write A Letter of Recommendation

09.13.2013 Writing Assignments

I can talk about myself all day long, but it’s more difficult to talk about others and recommend them for work. And it’s even more difficult to write about others. Why? I think it’s because we know how we want to present ourselves to the world, but it’s a powerful responsibility to recommend another person […]

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Writing Assignment: Write A Description Of A Task, Then Do It

08.02.2013 Simple Productivity

In this Simple Productivity Task Of The Day [link] I gave a recommendation on how to move forward with a task that’s become bogged down by writing a description of the task. Let’s try that. For today’s assignment, pick a task or job that you are working on and use this formula to write a […]

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Thoughts On Retirement

08.14.2012 Jobs & Working

A friend of mine recently said, “I’ll never retire. Retirement is death!” It certainly used to be. Only a few years ago it was expected that men (who dominated the workforce until recently) would work until 65, retire, then go home and die within a few years. My uncle told me the story of one […]

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Five Predictions About Your Future - #2: You Will Earn And Spend Less Money (And Like It)

06.21.2011 Future

I make no commentary on whether these predictions are for good or ill. When I look into the future this is what I see. Over the next few years you will discover that you are earning less money or earning less than you had imagined you would in your chosen profession. At the same time, […]

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