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Why The Heat About Wearable Computing?

07.17.2013 gadgets

There are a lot or people generating a lot of heat about Google Glasses and “smart watches.” The rumored Apple iWatch, not a real product (yet), has a lot of people claiming it an inevitable failure. And yet, these same people, friends of mine included, don’t seem to realized that they already have, use, and […]

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Just One Device

06.03.2013 Future

I’m tired of all the debate over which class of device is best to use. Is it the phone, the tablet (and which size tablet), the laptop, the desktop, or some form of wearable computer? It’s boring and fruitless to debate this. I no longer think about which device to use. I just use the […]

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iPhone/iPad Tip: Bury Your Shopping Apps

09.15.2011 gadgets

Here’s a little tip to both declutter your iOS device and help you play the Spend Nothing Game: move all of your potential “shopping” apps, including the App Store & the iTunes store into a folder and off of your first screen. Out if sight, out of mind. If the first things you see are […]

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Forty Minutes With My Daughter – Why Facetime Is The First Consumer Videoconferencing That Works

09.27.2010 Family

I had two video conferencing experiences this week. One was exceptionally bad and the other was seamlessly wonderful. It led me to recall my experiences over the years with video conferencing and to think about where they’re going. I’d used commercial video conferencing systems for years. Most of them have been the very expensive (hundreds […]

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