The Writer’s Library: Load Up On History

02.20.2013 Books and Literature

While rearranging a bookshelf this week I noted, with some pleasure and satisfaction, that I had an entire shelf of books devoted to the study of living conditions across the various ages. Books like Worldly Goods and If Walls Could Talk are readable and accessible. You’ll also find the six-volume, heavily referenced set A History of […]

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Creating and Preserving Family Stories

09.04.2012 Family

Shared stories are an important part of what a family is. In this modern world it’s easy to lose sight of that. One can look up digital photos or scan through a timeline or postings on a wall. But these aren’t stories. How did our parents meet? How did we become a family? Where did […]

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Almost Didn’t Happen

05.03.2012 Family

I’ve heard history described as “the story of things that almost didn’t happen.” It’s very easy to look back at the past and see an inevitability, a purpose. But if you look closely that purpose evaporates, pops like the thin soap bubble it is. There are so many near misses in history that it’s amazing […]

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Required Reading: The Histories

03.07.2012 Books and Literature

I am always looking for something interesting to read. I’ll read almost any type of book if it’s really well written. Because of this drive to read I find myself informed on a number of subjects and equipped to tackle projects as a writer that others don’t have a clue about where to start. My […]

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Writing Assignment: What You Need To Pass On

11.18.2011 Writing Assignments

One of the greatest powers that writing provides is the ability to pass knowledge and information on to future generations. This isn’t just for the greatest minds. This power is available to all of us. There are things you need to say. You need to tell your loved ones how you feel. Tell them. Say […]

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