Barbara Tuchman

Reading History: Dark Invasion & The Zimmermann Telegram

06.11.2014 Books and Literature

I often lament the truly poor writing education that most American’s receive, but that is nothing compared to the complete lack of exposure to history (and don’t get me started on science). I find history to be absolutely fascinating, but you would’t know that by looking at history books used in K-12 education. It’s a […]

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Required Reading: Barbara Tuchman’s The Guns Of August

03.19.2012 Books and Literature

There’s a special pleasure that come from reading very good books. I can feel myself grow smarter, better, as I read them. I rarely feel smarter than when I read Barbara Tuchman. I recently received the newly released Barbara Tuchman: The Guns of August & The Proud Tower (Library of America). I have both books […]

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