Experiences, Not Memories

12.12.2013 Family

As a father, a parent, one of the things that I hear a lot is about “making memories” for your children. But that is one thing that you cannot do. A memory is something completely personal. You cannot predict how someone, particularly a child, will interpret and remember an event. Memories are tricky things. When […]

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32—An Anniversary Reminiscence

08.15.2013 Family

Today marks the thirty-second anniversary of marriage to my wife, Diane. It’s been a remarkable journey. We married at twenty one. We met the previous year, both Juniors in college. Like an improbable movie script we noticed each other on Halloween, started dating a week later, and by Valentine’s Day we were engaged. There were […]

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The Lazcataion: Taking Time To Do Nothing With The People You Love

08.13.2013 Family

As a family we have made a point to return every year to the beaches of North Carolina’s Outer Banks and pretty much do nothing. Most days we’ll drag our chairs and umbrellas out to the beach where we’ll read and occasionally jump in the water to cool off. We’ll sometimes walk up and down […]

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Who Is Your Guardian Of The Past? Support Your Family Historian

08.06.2013 Family

This last fall my Aunt Glenna died. She was in her early 80’s and although active and healthy, she was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed quickly. The personal loss to us in the family was great, but there was another role that she filled. She was the linchpin of our family: she was our […]

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In The Mirror

05.08.2013 Family

I’ve reached that age when I sometimes look into the mirror and see my grandfathers. Both of them are there. It’s a strange but comforting thing. My Grandpa Murray died in 1967 when I was just seven years old. My grandparents on the Murray were our closest neighbors. We lived in my great-grandfather’s house. The […]

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